Services: Design Process

Arizona Sierra Banded Sandstone is recognized by its beautiful southwest coloring. Excellent for indoor or outdoor use. Want to see the process of how we design your stone works of art from start to finish? Read More..

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About Us

Arrowzona Stone Works & Mining LLC Based out of Mesa, AZ., we specialize in the manufacture of products from a unique sandstone, Arizona Sierra Banded Sandstone. From larger pieces, we've manufactured business and sub division large signs, corporate conference tables and dining room tables. Large outdoor and smaller water features are currently in production. Smaller pieces are manufactured into all other types and sizes of tables, wall and desk clocks, address tiles, All types and kinds of candle holders, oil lamps, and live flower bases or planters. Personalized and customized award plaques, clocks, trophy bases, desk name and business card holders are also available along with lots of other Arizona Sierra Banded Sandstone Products and Services. Boulders to coasters and everything in between.

Quarry Information

Through millions of years of volcanic activity, heat, oceans, erosion and compression, a great sandstone strata was formed to chronicle the geologic evolution of Mother Earth. Arizona Sierra Banded Sandstone is a very rare sandstone found only on Earth in North Eastern Arizona. Raw iron bands make up the beauty of this stone, which is also called "Picture Rock". No two pieces are the same. From our quarries, we excavate the stone, cut, shape, and construct the stone with the accent of other materials to offer beauty, magnificence and durability to be enjoyed and used for many years to come.